When you’re first starting out, or even after you’ve been playing guitar for awhile, nothing seems cooler than having the ability to crank out an awesome guitar solo at will.

When we think of great guitar players, we generally think of Clapton or Hendrix bellowing out a sonic masterpiece, making the guitar scream with such subtle harmonies that it almost sounds like the guitar is speaking to us.

So it’s natural that guitar players want to learn how to solo. And the best part is it’s easier than you may think.

A guitar solo is simply an improvised melody played on a guitar scale over a chord progression.

Now, not everyone is going to be able to sound like Hendrix or Clapton, but that doesn’t mean that playing an amazing guitar solo is out of reach for the average guitarist. It just takes a little bit of education and practice.

A great way to learn how to solo is to learn some basic scales and then practice over a “backing track”.

A backing track is simply a recording of a band that you can practice playing with. It helps you learn to get the rhythm down, and also to learn how to play the right notes in line with the chord progression.

Practice doing this for a few hours a day and you’ll be soloing with the best of them in no time flat.

A great place to learn guitar scales and also practice playing with backing tracks is JamPlay.

JamPlay can teach you everything that you’ll need to know in order to quickly and easily learn scales and chord progressions. They also offer tips and backing tracks to help you learn how to improvise a nice guitar solo in the shortest amount of time possible.

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