Finger picking is very popular in bluegrass and country music, and many other forms of music as well.

It produces a much more fluid sound than traditional flat picking with a guitar pick, and once mastered can be a great way to spice up the sound of almost any genre of music.

There are many different methods, styles, and variations on finger picking techniques. Although some of the techniques can be fairly basic and easy for beginners to pick up, it’s a tough skill to learn without a one on one instructor or professional guitar lessons of some kind.

The problem with traditional brick and mortar lessons is that they’re expensive, you can’t learn on your time, and you basically have to follow the curriculum that the instructor lays out, which often times can be pretty boring.

A good alternative is online guitar lessons. You can generally get a whole months worth of guitar lessons or more for the price of one or two traditional lessons. You can  also work at your own pace, practice on your own time, and learn what you want to learn.

A great place to get started with the guitar, as well as learning advanced techniques like finger picking and playing guitar solos is JamPlay. They offer a huge selection of lessons and are hands down the fastest way to learn the guitar with the most comprehensive course selection online.

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