One of the things that makes the guitar such a verstatile instrument is the ability to play almost any chord using bar chords.

Bar chords use a similar shape to play any major or minor chord, and the same shape can be slid up and down the guitar neck in order to play different chords. This means that you can learn just a few simple shapes yet play dozens of different guitar chords.

A popular variation on the bar chord commonly found in rock and pop music is the power chord. When playing a power chord you generally just play the two bass notes associated with a given guitar chord.

Power chords where commonly used by nineties alternative music bands. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana wrote the majority of Nirvana’s music using simple bar chords. Many people agree that although the songs are relatively simple to play, the music itself was very powerful.

Bar chords are a great way to quickly learn to play simple songs. Once you learn a basic shape, it’s just a matter of positioning that shape along the fret board in order to achieve different sounds.

Jimi Hendrix had a unique way of playing bar chords that has been emulated by many musicians since. He would play the bass note with his thumb, and use the rest of his fingers to play the other notes.

This would allow him to incorporate scales and melodies into the chords as he was playing, which helped to define his unique style and sound.

If you’re interested in quickly learning how to play bar chords and power chords, we recommend the lessons at JamPlay. Their lessons will have you quickly and easily playing entire songs using simple bar chords.

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