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One of the most popular styles of guitar music is blues guitar. Maybe it’s the universal appeal of the music. People can relate to the raw guitar sounds and the emotional melodies. Or maybe it’s just because blues guitar sounds so darn cool.

One of the great things about blues guitar is that although it sounds complicated and technical, in reality the majority of blues music is written with a simple chord progression with riffs and solos played on a simple major scale.

This isn’t true for all blues guitar music, but if you’d like to start improvising and playing along with your favorite blues artist, it’s simply a matter of figuring out what chords they’re playing, what key they’re playing in, and what scale they’re using.

Blues guitar really isn’t as complicated as many people believe it to be. In fact, blues guitar can be a great style of music for beginners to start out playing. It’s a good way to learn some basic rhythm, chords, and simple riffs and licks.

Blues guitar is also well suited for both an electric and an acoustic guitar. The style translates well to both instruments, which is another reason that it has such a widespread  universal appeal.

Once you start to learning some blues for yourself, you’ll notice some similarities between the music of blues greats such as Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton. It’s very commonly played in the key of E with the solos being played on the E Major scale. It’s very common but it’s not always the case.

If you’re interested in learning blues guitar, you can check out JamPlay. They offer a wide range of lessons on blues guitar suitable for beginners and experts alike. You can literally be playing your first blues song in less than an hour.

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One of the things that makes the guitar such a verstatile instrument is the ability to play almost any chord using bar chords.

Bar chords use a similar shape to play any major or minor chord, and the same shape can be slid up and down the guitar neck in order to play different chords. This means that you can learn just a few simple shapes yet play dozens of different guitar chords.

A popular variation on the bar chord commonly found in rock and pop music is the power chord. When playing a power chord you generally just play the two bass notes associated with a given guitar chord.

Power chords where commonly used by nineties alternative music bands. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana wrote the majority of Nirvana’s music using simple bar chords. Many people agree that although the songs are relatively simple to play, the music itself was very powerful.

Bar chords are a great way to quickly learn to play simple songs. Once you learn a basic shape, it’s just a matter of positioning that shape along the fret board in order to achieve different sounds.

Jimi Hendrix had a unique way of playing bar chords that has been emulated by many musicians since. He would play the bass note with his thumb, and use the rest of his fingers to play the other notes.

This would allow him to incorporate scales and melodies into the chords as he was playing, which helped to define his unique style and sound.

If you’re interested in quickly learning how to play bar chords and power chords, we recommend the lessons at JamPlay. Their lessons will have you quickly and easily playing entire songs using simple bar chords.

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Generally when you hear a guitar solo, it’s a series of notes played in a “scale”. A guitar scale is simply a pattern of notes that fit sound correct when played in sequence within a given key.

The most commonly used guitar scales are the major and minor scales. Both scales are movable, so depending on where you are playing on the neck, you could be playing A Major, G Minor, and so forth.

The internet provides a great place to learn guitar scales. Once you understand how to read tablature, you can find online videos with tablature accompaniments that will allow you to quickly and easily recognize the patterns and sounds that make up the scales.

Once you learn a few basic scales, you’ll be able to improvise solos and riffs over chord progressions in any given key.

Guitar scales provide the fundamental foundation necessary for improvisation. One of the great things about scales, chords, and the guitar in general is the amount of versatility that comes along with playing it.

Once you learn how to play a simple major or minor scale over a chord progression, you can use the same notes to play rock, jazz, blues, classical and more. So the learning curve isn’t quite as steep as some people may believe.

If you’re looking for a good place to learn guitar scales and other aspects of playing the guitar, we recommend JamPlay for the best online guitar lessons around.

From beginners to professional guitar players, JamPlay offers a wide variety of lessons that should benefit anyone who is looking to learn how to play the guitar or improve their guitar playing abilities.

They provide a great starting point for learning scales, chords, and more advanced lessons about playing the guitar.

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Online guitar lessons can be a great way to start learning the guitar, and fast.

As opposed to traditional guitar lessons, online lessons allow you to take as long as you need to complete each lesson, and allow you to work at your own pace.

Online guitar lessons are also much less expensive than hiring a traditional guitar teacher. The internet provides the perfect medium for a music teacher to reach out to as many students as possible, while still getting the essential lesson material across in a clear and understandable manner.

The problem you’ll run into is that there are a whole bunch of places to choose from, but the quality of the materials is going to vary from one site to the next.

Out of the sites we tested, some of them where fantastic, many of them where just average, and a pretty high percentage of them weren’t very good at all.

JamPlay gets our pick for the most valuable lessons site that we tried. By most valuable we mean that they aren’t the most expensive, but they definitely deliver on quality.

The interactive lessons are great at the beginner and advanced levels alike. Everything is easy to understand and the lessons are actually a lot of fun to play through.

The teaching style on the site is perfect for beginning players. The instructors understand what it’s like when you’re first starting out, so they make sure that everything is easy to understand and make the learning process a lot of fun as well.

As for the advanced lessons, well, we certainly learned a thing or two. For the more advanced players the site delivers, offering hundreds of advanced licks, riffs, scales, and chord progressions.

The bottom line is when you go to choose a good site for online guitar lessons, you want to make sure that the site is set up well, that the information provided is valuable, and that you’re getting a fair price on the service.

JamPlay is currently our number one pick because of the low price and the high quality of the lessons offered.

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