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Are you getting ready to start playing the guitar? Here are some tips to help you get started on the right track.

For one, be patient. The old saying practice makes perfect has never been more true than when learning how to play the guitar.

Practice as often as you can, and you’ll find yourself always improving. Also, take some time to learn some songs or chords that you enjoy playing. Lessons can become stale, but learning how to play the guitar should always be a fun experience.

Take every opportunity presented to you to learn. Online guitar lessons, such as those from JamPlay, are a great way to always be learning new tips and tricks.

If you have friends or family who play, ask them to show you some new tricks. One thing about playing the guitar is that there’s always something new to learn.

Above all, make sure you’re always having fun. Learn to enjoy practicing and learning new things. Playing the guitar opens up a lot of fun things in life, and the process of learning should be fun as well.

If you need a lesson plan that keeps learning the guitar a fun and exciting experience, check out JamPlay, the lessons are a blast and you’ll learn a lot.

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Most guitar players love their guitars like they’re their babies. So it makes perfect sense that you’d want to keep your guitar in the best shape possible. Here are some tips to help keep your guitar in top playing condition.

Your strings will naturally attract dirt and oil every time you play your guitar. It’s important to clean the strings every time you play. You can buy special kits from your local music shop, or simply use an old cotton t-shirt to wipe them down.

You can also use soft cotton to rub away fingerprints from the surface area of your guitar.

It’s absolutely crucial to never tune your guitar too high, as this can cause the neck to warp and the alignment of the action to be messed up.

It’s also important to change your strings regularly. Many guitarists change their strings on a daily basis, but for most players a couple of times a month should suffice.

About once a year you may want to have your guitar inspected by a professional technician to ensure that their aren’t any problems that you aren’t aware of.

If you’re ready to start learning the guitar, or want to take your playing to the next level, we highly recommend JamPlay.

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A lot of beginning guitar players, even more experienced players for that matter, wonder whether or not they should use a traditional guitar teacher or online guitar lessons.

Let me start off by saying there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing both if you can afford it. Traditional guitar lessons allow for the personal one on one time with an instructor so you can ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

But, if you’re on a limited budget, have a limited schedule, or would simply like to learn at your own pace I can’t stress the value of online guitar lessons enough.

A website such as JamPlay offers world class lessons at about the same price that it would cost you for one or two traditional lessons.

The site offers lessons for any skill level. So in reality you’re getting thousands of hours of lessons and education for a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons.

In this day and age, if I could only choose one, traditional lessons versus online lessons, as long as the quality of lessons was up to par with sites like JamPlay, I’d choose online lessons hands down.

They provide a wealth of information at a fraction of the cost of traditional guitar lessons.

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I’m often asked what a good guitar for beginners is. It’s a tough question to answer, but I’ll give it a shot.

The first thing you need to understand is that a cheap guitar is almost never a good guitar. Cheap guitars warp, don’t hold a tune, and are generally terrible instruments for a beginner to learn on.

That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on a guitar either. You may be able to find a good deal on Ebay, but unless the seller has stellar feedback, I generally shy away from buying a guitar unseen.

The best place to go is probably your local music store. You can talk to the sales person about a good, mid priced guitar that is in good condition but doesn’t cost a fortune.

You’ll want to strum the guitar and play a few chords. Listen for any buzzes or vibrations that don’t sound right.

You’ll also want to look at the neck to make sure that it’s strait. A warped neck makes for a useless guitar.

With a little bit of digging around you should be able to find a great guitar for beginners in the $200-$600 price range, maybe less if you get lucky.

If you’re sick of traditional guitar lessons, why not give online lessons a try? They’re inexpensive, you can learn on your own time at your own pace, and to be honest, they can be a lot of fun. We recommend JamPlay because of their low price and extremely high quality lessons.

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Many new guitar players have trouble tuning their guitars. Here we’re going to talk about some easy ways to overcome this problem.

First of all, I recommend that you use an electric guitar tuner when you’re first starting out, but eventually you’ll want to learn to tune by ear, so you can hear for yourself when your guitar is out of tune.

Standard tuning for a guitar goes E-A-D-G-B-E from the bass string to the high E. A very common way to tune by ear is to tune the low bass string to an E.

Next hold down the 5th fret on the bass string, which is an A, and tune the next string to that pitch. Move down to the A string, hold down the 5th fret again which is a D, and tune the 3rd string to D.

Repeat the process for the 3rd string, the 5th fret is a G, so tune the 4th string to the G. On the G string the 4th fret is a B. Hold down the 4th fret and tune the 4th string to B.

Now move down to the 4th string, and hold down the 5th fret, which is an E. Tune the 5th string to E. You can also use the low E to tune the high E string.

If you have problems you can use an electric guitar tuner.

For advice on guitar tuning, guitar lessons, advanced lessons, and to master the guitar in the shortest amount of time possible, I highly recommend JamPlay.

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Many beginning guitar players wonder whether they should start out with an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar.

I recommend starting off with an acoustic guitar. An electric guitar is just fine if that’s all you have, but an acoustic guitar, in my opinion, is better for beginners.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, an acoustic guitar generally has a stiffer action, meaning the strings are a little bit tougher to press down against the frets. This is a good thing for beginners, because it builds up your hand strength from the moment you start playing.

Electric guitars also have the problem of masking mistakes with feedback or other noises. Acoustic guitars offer a more “pure” sound, and you can clearly hear any mistakes that you make.

Also, I would say that 90% of songs that are played on an electric guitar still sound great on an acoustic guitar.

If you’re tired of traditional guitar lessons, and want to try out the best lessons the internet has to offer, check out JamPlay.

They have thousands of lessons to keep anyone from a beginner to a seasoned professional busy for a very long time.

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Finger picking is very popular in bluegrass and country music, and many other forms of music as well.

It produces a much more fluid sound than traditional flat picking with a guitar pick, and once mastered can be a great way to spice up the sound of almost any genre of music.

There are many different methods, styles, and variations on finger picking techniques. Although some of the techniques can be fairly basic and easy for beginners to pick up, it’s a tough skill to learn without a one on one instructor or professional guitar lessons of some kind.

The problem with traditional brick and mortar lessons is that they’re expensive, you can’t learn on your time, and you basically have to follow the curriculum that the instructor lays out, which often times can be pretty boring.

A good alternative is online guitar lessons. You can generally get a whole months worth of guitar lessons or more for the price of one or two traditional lessons. You can  also work at your own pace, practice on your own time, and learn what you want to learn.

A great place to get started with the guitar, as well as learning advanced techniques like finger picking and playing guitar solos is JamPlay. They offer a huge selection of lessons and are hands down the fastest way to learn the guitar with the most comprehensive course selection online.

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Many aspiring guitar players wonder if it’s necessary to learn how to read music or not.

My answer is that it depends. There are many great guitar players, such as Stevie Ray Vaughn who couldn’t read a single note of music.

In fact, many of the most popular guitarists in the world don’t know how to read music. They understand what notes they’re playing, and how those notes interact with each other to form chords and scales, but they don’t read music in the traditional sense.

So my answer is that learning how to read music can only help. It will help you understand the underlying formulas used to create the patterns that make up scales and chords.

It will also allow you to play new music much faster than someone who can’t read music. And although many players can play just fine by ear, the ability to read music will let you learn new chords on the fly without having to spend extra time fumbling around and trying to find the right sound.

A common alternative to reading music, and  many players simply use it as a supplement, is guitar tablature.

Tablature is a method of learning to play music that is very common for guitar players. It’s based on lines which represent the strings, and numbers which represent the fret you need to play.

It’s a quick and easy way to learn new notes and chords on the guitar. And the really cool thing is that you can easily find almost any song ever written transcribed into guitar tablature.

For detailed lessons on learning to read music, read tablature, and play by ear, check out JamPlay. They have lessons that anyone from beginning guitar players to professionals can learn from, all in an easy to use learning environment.

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I get a lot of questions asking if it’s possible to learn how to play the guitar in the span of  a single day. The answer is yes, and no.

You can certainly spend a few hours on some basic guitar lessons and play your first song within a day. Many songs are made up of as little as three different chords. So once you learn the chords, it’s just a matter of getting the rhythm down and playing the song.

Once you learn a few basic chords, you can literally learn how to play thousands of songs.

One thing that can hamper progress are the fundamentals. Once you’ve practiced for awhile playing a G or an A chord is pretty easy. When you’re first starting out though, it can be tough to do even the most basic things.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you are learning to do things right the first time you learn them. If you don’t, you may find yourself picking up some bad habits that can be tough to break in the future.

So for that reason it’s critical to learn the basics the right way. One of the best sites around for learning the basics is JamPlay.

They have extremely intuitive lessons that clearly explain the right and wrong ways to play basic chords.

The lessons take you from the simple basics such as how to hold the guitar correctly, all the way through the more advanced things like using technical scales to play intricate solos.

To sum it up, yes, you can learn how to play a few songs in the span of  a day. But if you learn how to do it the wrong way those bad habits can come back to haunt your for years to come.

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When you’re first starting out, or even after you’ve been playing guitar for awhile, nothing seems cooler than having the ability to crank out an awesome guitar solo at will.

When we think of great guitar players, we generally think of Clapton or Hendrix bellowing out a sonic masterpiece, making the guitar scream with such subtle harmonies that it almost sounds like the guitar is speaking to us.

So it’s natural that guitar players want to learn how to solo. And the best part is it’s easier than you may think.

A guitar solo is simply an improvised melody played on a guitar scale over a chord progression.

Now, not everyone is going to be able to sound like Hendrix or Clapton, but that doesn’t mean that playing an amazing guitar solo is out of reach for the average guitarist. It just takes a little bit of education and practice.

A great way to learn how to solo is to learn some basic scales and then practice over a “backing track”.

A backing track is simply a recording of a band that you can practice playing with. It helps you learn to get the rhythm down, and also to learn how to play the right notes in line with the chord progression.

Practice doing this for a few hours a day and you’ll be soloing with the best of them in no time flat.

A great place to learn guitar scales and also practice playing with backing tracks is JamPlay.

JamPlay can teach you everything that you’ll need to know in order to quickly and easily learn scales and chord progressions. They also offer tips and backing tracks to help you learn how to improvise a nice guitar solo in the shortest amount of time possible.

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