Learn How To Play The Guitar

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Learning how to play the guitar is easier today than it ever has been before. The great thing about the guitar is that it’s pretty easy to pick up, take a couple of lessons, and start to play entire songs within just a few days.

With the advent of the internet, things are easier than ever before. There are a slew of free sites that teach you how to learn the guitar, and you can even learn to play the styles of music you enjoy as you go along.

There are also online alternatives to traditional guitar lessons. The benefit being that you get the same coaching and hand holding that you would get from traditional guitar lessons, but you can learn at your own pace and spend a fraction of the cost of traditional guitar lessons.

One such website is JamPlay. It provides an easy to follow step by step course that can get you playing in as little as 48 hours.

One of the things that makes the guitar such an easy instrument to pick up and play is that most modern songs that are written on the guitar only consist of  a few chords.

That means once you take lessons and learn the most common chords, you can literally play thousands of different songs using those same basic chords.

Once you start to learn the basics you’ll notice that everything has a pattern. Many songs use the same chords. Many solos are derived from the same scales. Once you learn a few of these patterns the possibilities are endless.

Guitar is a fun instrument and the basics can be learned in just a day or two. Check out JamPlay for some easy to follow lessons and you can be on your way to playing your first song starting today.

3 Responses to “Learn How To Play The Guitar”
  1. Joey says:

    I have tried many different guitar books and lessons in the past and nothing comes close to the online guitar lessons in Jam Play. Jam Play is a must have if you are a beginner or intermediate guitar player. The lessons are very easy to follow and there are tons of instructional videos. It also teaches a muscle memory technique that is revolutionary! I was able to play one of my favorite guitar songs in a week! I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

    – Joey

  2. Ken says:

    I joined 1 week ago and am having a fun time learning and really am enjoying it. I am a real beginner and it has been very helpful teaching me to learn chords and the proper finger positions etc… I read many great reviews and was skeptical but it really is a great buy and well worth the money. If you can’t afford personal guitar lessons then this might be for you not matter what experience level you are on.

  3. Guitarplyr213 says:

    I’m a beginner guitar player and have been searching for online guitar lessons so I could start playing some songs and just get better at playing my acoustic guitar. I found some free resources online about learning guitar but most of it was just blah. Some of it was good though. I found this site and tried Jamplay. It offers a lot of easy to follow video lessons from pros. The video lessons and instructors are excellent. I can honestly say I am having fun with my guitar. My guitar playing has been improving greatly and my family and friends are impressed. I’m looking forward to playing some more new songs. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.